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Procedures for the operation of bag making machines.


Preparation before starting up

1. Check whether there is dust and sundries around the equipment, and remove them.

2. According to the requirements of the production notice, feed film roll on unwinding device.

3. Setting computer with bag length and input the relevant data of bag-making and the required number of each bundle , adjust the position of the slitter knife and hot sealing knife.

4. Turn on the power and set the temperature of the hot sealing knife according to the requirements .

5.  Choose the pattern edge with large color difference to adjust the sensitivity of the light eye, so that it can meet the requirements.

Turn it on

1. Start the main motor, run at a low speed.

2. Adjust the left and right clip rollers to align the left and right film, and adjust the front and back clip rollers to align the pattern.

3. Adjust the heat sealing knife to make it heat sealed within the required range of the bag.

4. Adjust the cutting blade to the required position, and adjust the punching position to the scissors.

5. The machine speed is adjusted preliminarily, and the sample bag once drawn out is taken for preliminary inspection. If it fails to meet the specified requirements, the sample bag one step drawn out is taken again for heat seal value test.

6. Organize the produced bags, and select the bags with quality defects (such as folding, tunnel, flower width, knife wire, heat sealing, four seals, etc.) and bundle them well according to regulations.

7,By the machine quality inspector inspection, such as qualified inspection, affixed with a certificate of quality, sent to the quality inspection room sampling inspection.

8.During the production process, observe the bag-making situation at any time and make immediate adjustment if any abnormality is found.

Stop the machine

1. Disconnect the main power switch, and then disconnect each part of the power switch.

2. Clean the machine and the site, and send the products to the general inspection room.

3. Make a good record of duty, which shall be accurate and clean.


1. Packing: the machine personnel will sort out the products of this process, select the unqualified products with quality defects (such as folding, tunnel, pattern, knife line, heat sealing, four seals, incomplete patterns, etc.), bundle the qualified products, and give them to the machine quality inspector for inspection.

2, Inspection: by the machine quality inspector for quantity and quality inspection, after the quantity and quality are qualified, according to the requirements into the box, into the packing list; The selected nonconforming product shall be placed in the carton marked "Nonconforming".

3. The chief quality inspector shall carry out sampling inspection of the products submitted for inspection in accordance with the specified proportion, and pack them for storage after passing the inspection.

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