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Flexo printing Machine Structure


The machine is consisted of 1. Feeding system 2. Printing system3. Taking up system 4.Air Blower drying system 5.Rewinder system 6. Electrical system


Feeding system: feeding main shaft, feeding board, photocell, EPC(edge position control),etc. Feeding main shaft is driven by chain transmitted by main motor. Material goes through guide roller to rubber roller. The effects of photo eyes and EPC system make sure printing material stay right. Photocell system, which is automatically controlled by computer, should be adjusted well before printing.  


Printing system include ink roller, anilox roll, printing roller, traction roller, dry system, etc. After machine running, the ink motor makes turbine drive system with ink Roller turning inside of the ink case, mixing ink, the ink roller will turning through gear with anilox. The anilox will squeeze spare ink out of ink roller and get proper ink instead. The rubber plate is fixed on the print roller. Adjusting the distance of rubber plate and anilox to make rubber plate coated with ink to print the film comes from the guide roller; then via guide roller, sent to air blower dry system (the air blower dry system will make sure good printing effect).


Traction system is made of guide rollers and extrusion rollers. Its function is to let film deliver in the direction that you want. The surface of guide rollers should be smooth, otherwise it will scratch product.


Air blower dry system  includes air blower, air hose and heaters, etc.

The air blower will make air go through the heater to the air box. The heater in the air box will heat to let the cold air change into heat air to the printing product to make ink dry fast and solvent emission soon, which ensures ink would not cross color. Loosen two screws to adjust the air direction in air box. Adjust air blower to adjust the blowing rate. Adjust the air temperature needs to adjust the heater controller. The mouth of air box would be dusty after using; you should clean it in time.


Rewinder system: printed products go through guide roller and sent to the roll film roller. One side of the roller has brake control, which controls roll film roller not move as inertia to affect rewinding.

Electrical system: install electrical parts, control the complete machine operation and heating.

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